Dienstag, 21. Juli 2015

HSF Challenge #7 - Accessories

Ich stelle fest, ich habe lange an keiner HSF-Challenge mehr teilgenommen, das Thema Accessoires bot sich an.... et voilá, ein neues Paar Handschuhe:

Challenge #7: Accessories

What the item is: a pair of mittens
Fabric: silk and linen/cotton lining
Pattern: from Costume Close up
Year: 18th century
How historically accurate is it? The materials are period; completely sewn  by hand. The pattern for the embroidery is taken from a pair of dutch 18th cent. mittens.
Hours to complete: it took me two days.... well, around 10hours maybe.
First worn: not yet.
Total cost:  made it from leftovers.... maybe 10,-€

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Dankeschön, daß du dir die Zeit nimmst und hier ein paar Worte hinterläßt...