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Historical Food Fortnightly, Challenge 11

Historical Food Fortnightly; #11
"Food named after people"

The recipe:
Andrews Gingerbread 
Gingerbread has a long tradition since medivial ages. "Andrews Gingerbread" is one of  various recipes of  "Mrs Beeton´s  Cookery Book and Household Guide", published in 1861.
And sorry - I have no idea who is Andrew.

Modern recipe adaption:
175g butter, 125g fine grounded brown sugar, 175g sugar beet syrup, 2 eggs, 25g grounded ginger, 575g flour
knead all together; make little bisquits and bake them for 20min / 180°C until they become darker

1861, England

Time to complete:
about 1 hour (for 3 trays)

Total cost
Less....  5,- € maybe?  I have had all ingredients at home.

How successfull was it?
Well, it´s a very simple recipe and the results were fine. The taste is a pure ginger taste and the 25g  are a lot of ginger! I reduced  it a little bit but the gingerbreads are quite spicy after all. For some people maybe a little bit to much. 

How accurate is it?
As I already said - the recipe is very simple and there is a good chance to make it accurate (by using my modern kitchen of course). All ingredients are quite accurate in my opinion.

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  1. Lecker, muss ich bei Gelegenheit mal probieren!

    1. naja... ich bin etwas zwiegespalten: es ist schon okay, aber für diese Art Keks gibts m.E. interessantere Rezepte


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